10 free things a traveller is liable

The lust to wander and explore every hook and corner of this wide world is quite an irresistible one. With the increasing awareness about the undiscovered places, the urge to get the most scenic pictures and get the maximum number of likes and the accessibility only adds fuel to the already flaming desire to travel. But more often than not, money becomes a speed breaker before we can take off on those beautiful journeys. However, we tend to forget that money is not all that you need to travel; i

Best sunrise spots around Bengaluru for the early birds

Living in the ever-expanding concrete jungles, confined to those cubicles can come with its own set of drawbacks limiting you to skyscraper views from dusk till dawn. Well, thankfully India’s IT hub knows to compensate. If you have been catching the sun only when it’s up and bright and cribbing the location of your flat; you can thank the location of Bengaluru. Whether you have a weekend at hand or not, it does not demand so much. If you can get up early and get going for a drive, there are plen

The most Instagrammable dams of India

‘India is a land of rivers’, we have grown up reading this sentence in our text books but all of these multiple rivers and their countless tributaries that run across the several cities and states of our country are not merely water bodies whose purpose ends on being marked in those blank maps by our blue crayons. Most of these rivers also house huge dams built on them. Initiated as a barrier to restrict the flow of water in certain specific areas and to generate hydro-electricity as well as aid

Hopping by the beaches on a soothing evening

Making your way through the town, you will spot the cow breeds of Malnad Gidda and Khilari grazing on the sides, men and women engaged in the everyday chores; street corners occupied by female vendors selling fishes, crabs and watermelons and beaches playing peek-a-boo from between the huts. As your eyes traverse around to drench in every sight that comes across, it soon hits you, how close you are to life, yet so far.

Derived from a forest shrub grown on the coastal hillside, Ankola is fringed

7 Hours From Bangalore, Karnataka Has A Beautiful Secret Enclosed In Its Backwaters

What you can do while here

How the time will while away you will never know and there is just no chance that you would want to move at that moment as you set your spirits free into the wild. But if your adrenaline rush craves for some activities, apart from the water sports, you can explore a trek to the Dabbe Falls, a 110 metres high fall at a distance of about 10 kilometres from the nature camp. You can also set up a bonfire in the evening but do watch out for wild animals. When you sit aroun

Lagori: The streets come alive with their music

The traffic wound its way along Brigade Road, jam-packed as usual, one evening in 2013. The commuters, no doubt, resigned themselves to the smoky chaos of the evening rush, windows up, helmets pulled all the way down.

The lively strains of a song pulled them out of their stupor. Pedestrians came to a halt and vehicles were abandoned in a hurry, everyone craning their necks to find the source of the melody. Soon, thousands had gathered along the street, cameras out, as music spilled out of the f

Something wicked this way comes: Clowning around with Macbeth

Hamlet-the Clown Prince began as an experiment and went on to become one of the most successful contemporary productions and will complete a ten-year run in 2018.

“Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage and then is heard no more.” The tale of the ill-fated Thane of Cawdor has been revered by the world over for centuries, as one of the greatest tragedies ever written. Acclaimed filmmaker Rajat Kapoor finds a whole new side to the tragic hero: com

Blessing chimanga and the rhythm divine

What: Blessing Chimanga & Dreams Band (Zimbabwe) - LIVE!

When: Saturday, June 16, 9 pm

Price: Rs 499

Where: bFlat, Indiranagar

Zimbabwe in the 1970s was a land of racial divide, with people living together in close-knit communities. Blessing 'Bled' Chimanga and his family would join the other devout church-goers every Sunday. One fateful morning, six-year-old Chimanga arrived at the church with his mother, where they found that the drummer who was supposed to play for the service hadn't t

‘Tied’ down? Shadow of patriarchy over choice of sterilization

A recent survey has revealed that as many as 38.7% of married couples opt for female sterilization as opposed to male sterilization which is at a mere 0.2%. The survey covered married women in urban Bengaluru between the age of 15 and 49.

BENGALURU: When it comes to family planning, the onus of sterilisation mostly rests on the woman, though male sterilisation is more effective and less expensive, reveals the National Family Health Survey.

As many as 38.7% of the couples in Bengaluru opt for f

Sing us a song, you’re the piano man

India has an extraordinary emerging audience space and a growing womb of talent, believes the globally-acclaimed pianist Karl Lutchmayer who has been spreading the magic of music as he moves fingers on keys across nations and generations. The renowned artiste and music educator was born of Indian parents in London. His Indian origins occasionally brought him to the nation and to this city. “It was in 1975” that Karl remembers coming to the city for the first and since then he has only been comin